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About the Merck Patients First Award for Excellence and Innovation in Patient-Centred Care
In 2013, to encourage recognition of the clinical and public health value of patient-centred care, Merck Canada Inc. created the Merck Patients First Award,  a non-monetary prize to be awarded biennially (every two years) to health care professionals, teams, administrators or organizations from across Canada that have made innovative and effective contributions to this key aspect of health care.

The next nomination period is anticipated to take place in 2021.

What is Patient-Centred Care?
“Patient-centred care” refers to health care with emphasis on the patient, his or her family, their concerns, interests and outcomes. The 2018 Health Care in Canada (HCIC) survey confirmed that the three key priorities of the public for patient-centred care are:
Public responses when asked in the HCIC survey, “Which three attributes would you most strongly support? Choose only three.” (n=1,500 adult Canadians) www.hcic-sssc.com

The Merck Patients First program and award for exemplary contributions in the field of patient-centred care involves a formal identification and evaluation process of outstanding candidates / projects from across Canada, using a Canadian Institutes of Health Research model of independent review.

Although a non-monetary award, recipients feel appreciated and honoured to be recognized for their innovative contributions.

The reviewers, external consultants and Merck employees involved in program are also inspired by the nominees’ professionalism, selflessness and patient- and community-oriented leadership.

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